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About Us

Our Mission Statement

At Just In Case Collision Repair we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality automotive repairs in the shortest possible time all while keeping our customers well-informed and completely satisfied.

Automotive Collision Repair and Finishing

JC Collision has been serving the Marshall community and all of your body repair needs since 2010. Owner and operator, John Case, is a licensed Auto Body Collision Repair technician with several years of education and experience after receiving his technical degree from Linn State Technical College. He is also ASE certified in Structural and Non-Structural Damage Repair.

Our service facilities house the latest equipment, including a Chassis Liner Frame Rack for uni-body repairs and a Col-Met Side Down Spray Paint Booth with a curing cycle, to properly and completely handle any and all of your automobile needs (see below website logo links for further information). We even have a 14ft door to accommodate semi- and grain trucks and tractors for our local farmers and businesses. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and all businesses are welcomed.

Waterborne Paint

Waterborne automobile paint is a type of paint used to finish the exterior of a car that is water-based and designed to be more environmentally friendly. It is made with a combination of water, resins, and pigments that is formulated to be less toxic and create a durable, high-gloss finish. Waterborne paint has become increasingly popular in automotive refinishing due to its improved environmental profile and its ability to produce a professional-looking finish with lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

At JIC Collision Repair, we pride ourselves in the use of Martin Senour Vortex Waterborne paint. All paint colors are mixed by factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a technician to match your vehicle’s specific color.

VORTEX® Waterborne basecoat is an easy-to-apply, fast drying basecoat that provides excellent color match to today’s OEM colors while meeting the strictest VOC limits in North America and the European Union. VORTEX® waterborne basecoat is especially suited for high volume collision centers specializing in high quality repair and refinishing.

System Information

  • Excellent coverage with minimal coats
  • Simple compact toner line
  • Superior color match and blending
  • OEM Certifications
  • Quick flash time between coats

Working towards an Environmentally-Friendly, “Green” Future

  • Up to a 96% decrease in VOC emissions compared to the solvent-borne basecoat
  • Reduces hazardous waste generation
  • Eliminates flammability hazard associated with solvent-borne coatings
  • Uses less material to cover more area